Allendale Terrace

Brick streets, giant oak trees and large estate homes….Welcome to Allendale Terrace

Allendale1The Allendale Terrace neighborhood, with its cobblestone roads and oversized estate homes makes it a highly sought after neighborhood. The neighborhood is conveniently located with easy access to I-275, Downtown St. Petersburg, and 4th Street North.

allendal2The Allendale Terrace section of St. Petersburg is known for sitting “high and dry” on one of the higher areas of Pinellas County, so flood insurance is not required. Allendale Terrace is considered by many to be the finest non-waterfront area of St. Petersburg.

Allendal3Locals trace the inception of the neighborhood to the hurricanes of the 1920′s when hundreds of St. Petersburg’s residents were injured. Coastal living fell out of vogue and residents wanted high and dry land. Cade B. Allen (Allendale) purchased 160 acres and began building the tree lined, elegant neighborhood we know today.

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